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The worst drugs to get addicted to em feta means amphetamines are a class of drug that is meant to treat ADHD narcolepsy and depression it acts on a reward circuit in the brain causing rapid tolerance and desire for more if used frequently the withdrawal can cause severe depression and lethargy benzodiazepines this is a class of prescription psychoactive drug used to treat anxiety insomnia seizures muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal long-term use creates dependence for the drug all while increasing the symptoms originally meant to treat withdrawal can be even worse as it can create new physical and mental problems methadone a painkiller that causes a Pleasant dreamlike state of mind and is often used help heroin users by reducing the effects of the heroin withdrawal nonetheless methadone opens the doors to new addictions and can be even deadlier than heroin abused by some accounts methadone is said to be even more difficult to kick than heroin and remains controversial in the medical field GHB GHB is a naturally occurring substance in the central nervous system as a drug it causes feelings of peacefulness and euphoria excessive use disrupts the normal balance of brain circuits that control rewards memory and cognition mixed with alcohol is known as the date-rape drug withdrawal syndrome of insomnia anxiety and tremors nicotine much like many street drugs nicotine mimics a common neurotransmitter for normal brain functions though it doesn't cause the rush of heroin or crack it has the highest rate of addicts and is responsible for one in five deaths smokers in the US alone ironically it is still one of the largest sources of government funding many alcohol alcohol is legal and often socially acceptable as it relaxes reducing anxiety and uninhibit caesars drinking can be mentally healthy in moderation but if abused can easily become a problem excessive drinking causes loss of control over how much you consume while trying to get the same effect withdrawal can range from nausea extreme agitation tremors and seizures in severe cases withdrawal can cause death cocaine also known as the street drug caviar powder cocaine's hai acts as an extreme stimulant for about 15 to 20 minutes the short-lived high that makes a steady stream of dopamine in the brain causes the natural dopamine receptors to shut down cocaine becomes addictive as the brain craves the dopamine but can't produce enough without the drug withdrawal causes extreme mood swings irregular heart rate sexual dysfunctions and even brain strokes crack cocaine crack is the freebase form of cocaine and has a faster higher rush that lasts even less than powdered cocaine as a result crack can be far more addictive and cause the symptoms to kick in much sooner on top of that crack smoke damages the lungs by constricting blood vessels and averting oxygen and blood from circulating the withdrawal is brutal and causes insomnia panic attacks dizziness vomiting cold sweats and shivers crystal meth...